Improve Produce Freshness

Our tracking solutions use IoT technologies to insert intelligence into the supply chain. Too much fresh produce in grocery retail is being wasted, and we are here to change that.

On shelf consumer availability

Assets that aren't utilized properly lead to unnecessary large fleets.

Manage produce dwell time

Faster cycle times result in money savings and higher response rates to demand.

Enforce FIFO / LIFO

Increasing efficiencies throughout the supply chain lead to a more agile supply chain with less expenses.

Manage your logistical fleet in one place

With, you can manage your supply chain in one place. From planing with our inventory tracking feature, through finding lost assets, preventing theft and increasing efficiency along the supply chain using advance analytical and visualization tools.

Reduce FIFO mistakes

Monitor the produce transitioned between back and front of the store, receiving alerts whenever a mistake is made

Smarter Replenishment Decisions

Ensuring correct replenishment times based on real time AI analyses and predictions

Proper In-Store Methodologies

Ensures that old produce isn’t left under newer produce in the front of the store

Quick & Easy Traceability

IoT technology on pallets assures quick and easy traceability in the event of a food safety crisis

Every Logistic Asset Should Be Smart

Manage the most complex supply chains based on data: location, usage, loss, condition, freshness & so much more. Integrate data with deep learning and machine predictions to transform data into valuable information.

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