Eliminate asset loss and theft

We track the location of every asset and compare it with our database of authorized / unauthorized locations to determine whether it’s misused or stolen. When identifying a problem we can trace back its origin and suggest a solution in order to prevent the same problem from occurring in the future.

Spot missing assets

Track the location of assets that left your supply chain

Prevent theft of costly assets

Reduce loss of roll-cages, bins, pallets, containers, crates and totes

Decrease fleet size

Eliminate the need for backups by decreasing losses and theft

Manage your logistical fleet in one place

With TRCKD.io, you can manage your supply chain in one place. From planing with our inventory tracking feature, through finding lost assets, preventing theft and increasing efficiency along the supply chain using advance analytical and visualization tools.

Know where your logistical asset are located

Use our IoT sensors and integrated dashboard maps to view the location of each tracked asset in your fleet.

Identify lost assets

See, at a glance, the lost assets list based on predefined rules set by you and your team.

View fleet status on one view

Get a visual and up to date statistics of all your assets in one place. Get a high-level look at your fleet, so you know where things stand.

Every Logistic Asset Should Be Smart

Manage the most complex supply chains based on data: location, usage, loss, condition, freshness & so much more. Integrate data with deep learning and machine predictions to transform data into valuable information.

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