Increase supply chain efficiency

A supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Get insights regarding the performance of different locations and phases within your supply chain. By measuring cycle time and dwell time per individual asset. We can enlighten the underperforming areas and improve utilization, which can be translated directly into fleet reduction and CAPEX savings.

Maximize utilization

Assets that aren't utilized properly lead to unnecessary large fleets

Decrease cycle-time

Faster cycle times result in money savings and higher response rates to demand

Reduce CAPEX

Increasing efficiencies throughout the supply chain lead to a more agile supply chain with fewer expenses

Manage your logistical fleet in one place

With, you can manage your supply chain in one place. From planing with our inventory tracking feature, through finding lost assets, preventing theft and increasing efficiency along the supply chain using advance analytical and visualization tools.

Spot underperforming areas

Get clear insights about how each phase of your supply chain is preforming.

Track cycle-time per asset

Easily drill down on each asset to learn about its' historical route, stops and dwell-time.

Track performance by location

Get clear insights about how each phase of your supply chain is preforming.

Every Logistic Asset Should Be Smart

Manage the most complex supply chains based on data: location, usage, loss, condition, freshness & so much more. Integrate data with deep learning and machine predictions to transform data into valuable information.

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