Food Waste: One third of global food production is lost or wasted and ready to be saved

Reducing food waste will cut costs, improve incomes and alleviate the supply chain’s ecological footprint. 4th industrial revolution technologies, including IoT, are making it possible to attack these issues, accelerate innovation and increase transparency along the supply chain.

Transparent supply chain

IoT technology enables produce tracking and provides transparency for the supply chain process

Food safety

Food safety and shelf life are improved, reducing food loss and shedding light on supply chain imbalances

Regulation and legislation

Technology is the enabler for anti-waste regulation & food safety legislation incentivizing businesses and consumers to improve current methods

Optimize the environmental conditions of food transportation

Our sensors gather detailed measurements, which are uploaded to the cloud, digested and analyzed in order to control the transportation and storage environments of fresh produce.

Better match supply and demand while ensuring that sourcing is ethical and sustainable

Our IoT technology can provide consumers with nutritional and environmental information about the food they purchase, assuring consumers of product safety regulation compliance.

Declare transparency and take a step towards positive environmental impact

A transparent supply chain guarantees consumers honest details about product journey, reduces food waste and lowers the damage linked to food waste.

You can increase your organizations' integrity levels

Our IoT sensors combined with advanced analytical tools enable tracking and optimizing along the supply chain which in return reduce food waste, increase food integrity, lower Co2 emissions and promote the use of reusable packaging.

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