Harness The Power Of IoT To Reduce Environmental Footprint

"Global food systems today are in need of transformation. Billions of people are poorly nourished, millions of farmers live at subsistence level, enormous amounts of food go to waste and poor farming practices are taking a toll on the environment. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 will require food systems that are inclusive, sustainable, efficient, nutritious and healthy."
World Economic Forum
Jan 2018

CO2 Emissions

Food systems are currently responsible for 20-30% of global greenhouse emissions

Food Waste

Nearly one-third of global food production - 1.3 billion tonnes of food – is lost along the supply chain or wasted by consumers and retailers

Cost reduction

Farming as an occupation is on the decline

Track the condition of goods with great precision

Our sensors gather detailed measurements, which are uploaded to the cloud, digested and analyzed to ensure that required procedures are maintained.

Guarantee trustworthy handling while driving honesty & integrity

Our end-to-end solution guarantees tamper-proof data logs and assures compliance of product safety regulations and best practices.

Implement the latest technologies for maximum transparency

Our tailored for food tracking solutions provide visibility all along the supply chain to meet regulatory and business demands.

You can increase your organizations' integrity levels

Our IoT sensors combined with advanced analytical tools enable tracking and optimizing along the supply chain which in return reduce food waste, increase food integrity, lower Co2 emissions and promote the use of reusable packaging.

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