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As supply chain managers, we recognized a glaring deficiency: the lack of visibility of what happens to our fleets’ assets and shipped goods, from the moment they leave one location and are dispatched to another or when arriving to store display. Over time, technologies have advanced, production has flourished and yet transparency in the supply chain remained absent. This is why a team of supply chain managers and technology specialists joined forces with the goal of achieving complete visibility across the supply chain.

After defining the challenge, using our industry perspective, it was time to harness the most leading and up-to-date technologies in order to build an outstanding IoT tracking solution dedicated to supply chains and fleet & asset management.

Our tracking solutions today:

  • Increase transparency
  • Ensure trustworthy handling across every shipment and
  • Drive higher integrity levels for food supply chains

We not only believe that transparency and collaboration empower everybody involved in the process – consumers, suppliers, and retailers – but that these improvements better the world around us.

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